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Sign Language

We are pleased to announce that Susan Whymark has gained her Level 1 award in British Sign Language.

Following a funeral arrangement where she did not know a family member was deaf, and only realising at the end when all the decisions had been made, she made it her mission to try and learn British Sign Language so those from the deaf community having to make funeral arrangements, can be included in everything.

At Susan Whymark Funeral Service, it is important that, where possible, everyone, not just the deaf community, who want to be included in arrangements, are included.

We have worked with BSL interpreters at funeral services for many years but, within the setting for the arrangement meeting, it is often left to another family member to interpret or for the deaf family member to try and lip read.  The language used whilst arranging a funeral, sometimes contains words not used in an everyday setting, or just the context of the conversation can be hard to understand when everyone present can hear every word let alone if somebody present cannot hear.

The level 1 award is basic skills and includes mainly everyday conversation.  Susan’s ability so far, would not mean she is able to arrange a whole funeral using BSL but our hope is we can make a deaf family member feel a little more comfortable in a strange setting.