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Eco-friendly funerals

We are increasingly mindful of the impact we have the environment, which has led to more people wanting to take this into consideration when they leave this world.

We would be pleased to discuss the options with you, and arrange a personalised funeral with due consideration to the choices that are most sensitive to the environment.

What is a green burial?

A green funeral aims to provide an eco-friendly burial by allowing the body to return to the earth in a natural manner without damaging the environment.

The body is buried in a simple casket made from biodegradable material such as bamboo, wicker or cardboard, which allows the body to return to the earth gradually and naturally. In some cases the body may only be wrapped in a simple shroud.

Eco-friendly coffins can be viewed on our coffins and caskets page.

Woodland Burials Grounds.

Beautiful woodland areas have been designated to bury your loved ones, in most places, ashes can also be interred at these grounds. We will answer any questions you may have and assist you with making your relative’s or friend’s funeral as eco-friendly as possible.

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