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Chris Parry Bespoke Designs

Handmade, by Chris, for you. Completely unique.

Chris can hand craft pendants, rings, bangles, bracelets, charms, cufflinks or whatever you have in mind!

The keepsakes are made in the heart of the small Kent village of South Darenth.
Everything Chris makes is carried out in his own fully equipped workshop.

Fingerprints | Handprints & Footprints | Their Handwriting

You can capture their fingerprint, take any footprint or
handprint and add it to a piece of hand made jewellery.

Along with a small section of their hand writing or drawings,
whatever the source.
If you can scan the image, it can be engraved.
The images can be added to any piece of jewellery and
in any precious metal. Chris also specialises in making
fingerprint rings; one of only a few people worldwide who
are able to offer you this unique service

Examples of bespoke designs:
Gold and diamonds were re-cycled into a design with cremated ashes added. Also shown are cuff-links, a fingerprint ring, and a written tag.


A unique service (only available here).
After Chris has made your piece of jewellery, he drills a small hole into it
and adds some of your cremated ashes inside the piece.

He then plugs the hole and laser welds it shut, so its secure.
You can choose from up to ten memorable words, names, dates or whatever you want.
These are hand engraved in a selection of eclectic fonts.
The ring then has some ashes stored safely within, for you to cherish.


Memory Ashes Beads and Hair Beads

The sterling silver bead caps can be engraved.
The central hole will fit all major existing bead chains
such as Pandora, Trollbeads or other notable makes.


Cremated ashes can be added to any piece of handmade jewellery.

For Chris, it is not about the quantity of ashes that can be added to a piece of jewellery;
but more the comfort of knowing that some are there with you. Ashes can be added to
molten glass to make beautiful jewellery and keepsakes. You can commission a custom
bead or pendant to wear on a bracelet or necklace. Example of a necklace shown below.

A hand engraved inscription around the edge. Some special glitter is added with ashes to make it unique.

Available in two sizes

A wide range of precious and semi-precious metals are available to use.
You can choose from many colour choices for glass and resin; please ask for more information.