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Ashes Urns, Memorials & Keepsakes

memorialWe can provide from an extensive range of urns, scatter tubes, keepsakes and headstones. We can also talk you through certain crematoria ‘garden of remembrance’ options and green burial/eco-friendly options.


Caskets for ashes

For those that wish to bury the ashes of their loved one, an ashes casket can be supplied in a wide choice of traditional and contemporary designs and materials. They are also an elegant and worthy memorial for those that wish to keep the ashes in the comfort of their own home.  To view available caskets and urns click here.


Scatter tubes

Scatter Tubes™ are available in a wide range of beautiful designs suitable for interment, scattering or as keepsakes. Created largely from recycled materials and totally biodegradable, they are also available in a tiny keepsake size, perfect for families who wish to share ashes, divide ashes to scatter and keep or for temporary storage whilst deciding on a permanent keepsake or piece of keepsake jewellery. To view available scatter tubes click here.




We work closely with our local and highly skilled stonemason to ensure your memorial is of the highest quality. Traditional headstones, plaques and boulders can be supplied in a range of colours, styles and materials.


Tribute Hearts

Beautifully carved from natural oak, Tribute Heart™ keepsakes are designed to discreetly hold a small quantity of ashes or other small mementos within twin hidden recesses. Each Heart comes in an attractive presentation box complete with soft display stand and velvet pouch, and can be beautifully personalised with our laser engraving service.


The brass heart keepsake

Brass Heart Keepsakes are beautifully hand crafted and are ideal for storing the ashes of a loved one. They are all beautifully presented in a plush velvet-feel hard case for transportation, presentation or safe-keeping.


Memory Bear

This wonderful bear has an internal section for keeping both ashes remains and memories of young ones safe and secure. A very popular choice to remembering loved ones after they’ve passed away.


Flowers into Paperweights

Each paperweight is individually designed to suit the flowers that have been preserved, in full 3D form and in the same original shape.

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