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Registration offices

To register a death the registrar will need:

a completed Medical Certificate Confirming cause of Death (MCCD). This is issued by either a GP or a hospital doctor/consultant. It will usually be sent to them electronically when it has been completed. In some cases you may be asked to collect it from the doctors surgery or the hospital.


a form of Confirmation from the Coroner that they have concluded their enquiries. This is also known as a Form 100A if there has not been a post mortem, or a Form 100B if there has been a post mortem. Coroner documentation is sent to the registrar electronically – there is no need for you to collect it.

Some situations require a Coroner confirmation form and a MCCD.

Relatives should be informed by the certifying doctor and/or the coroner when the necessary documentation has been issued. They should also give you a unique reference number which you should keep safely as it may be needed to make the appointment.

Once you have all correct documentation you can then make an appointment online using the link below (Suffolk only) or by calling the registration office required using the numbers on the link below.

A death which has occurred in Suffolk can be registered at any of the Suffolk Registrar’s Office by appointment only

Click here for Suffolk registration online

Click here for Suffolk Registration Offices

A death which has occurred in Norfolk can be registered at any of the Norfolk Registrar’s Offices.  To book an appointment please call 0344 800 8020

Click here for Norfolk Registration Offices


When you call the registration office to make an appointment they may ask if you would like to take advantage of their “Tell Us Once” service to help you inform the Department of Work and Pensions.

This service is available Nationwide and allows the registration service to tell several organisations and departments that a death has occurred. They can also cancel blue badges, driving licences and Passports among other things.