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Where can I scatter ashes?

Most crematoria have a vast array of options for the scattering and interring of ashes and the crematorium will usually write to you following the cremation with their options. Otherwise we have brochures with examples from each crematorium.

Ashes can be scattered in certain areas of cemeteries and churchyards but permission must always be sought from the burial authority before this can be completed. Not all cemeteries and churchyards allow scattering, preferring to inter them instead.

Ashes can be interred in a family grave where a full burial has taken place in the past. It is usual for cemeteries and churchyards to have an area specifically for burials of ashes where you can place a small cremation sized memorial.

Wherever you are planning to scatter or inter ashes, if the ground does not belong to you it is imperative that you ask permission from the owner of the land.