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Affordable Direct Cremation Choices

Why Choose A Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is perfect for those who wish to commemorate their loved one in their own way. Aside from the obvious savings, direct cremation offers you more flexibility, allowing you to pay a fair price for the services that are needed, whilst avoiding the costs for services that you feel are not appropriate for you.

Many people wish to hold their own private ceremonies or purchase a memorial and use the savings to do so. For others, it is the wishes of the deceased to hold a no fuss cremation. Sometimes it’s simply too hard to gather all those who wish to attend at a specific location at a fixed time. In this instance, direct cremations offer more flexibility to organise a private ceremony at a time and location of your choosing.

A direct cremation is also perfect for individuals who have no close family or haven’t made a financial provision in their will.

Cremation Without A Ceremony – £1,295

This price is final and inclusive of all costs*

Direct cremation is a simple, dignified option in which your loved one is cremated without a funeral service or ceremony. Sometimes known as an unattended cremation, by removing the service, the family of the deceased or those responsible for arrangements can make substantial savings.

Cremation without ceremony is without a designated time or attendance, this includes the collection of the deceased in a suitable vehicle *, the provision of a simple coffin and the cremated remains either being collected by yourselves, scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium where the cremation took place or returned to one of our branches for collection.

What’s Included?

What’s Not Included

*Additional Services & Fees

Cremation With A Ceremony – £2,495

This price is final and inclusive of all costs**

In the past, funerals concentrated on a traditional service but as society has changed so has the way the bereaved wish to mourn. Therefore, a contemporary funeral is usually a celebration of a loved one’s life.

Our “Cremation with a Ceremony” is designed to reflect these preferences. This helps make the service more personal while still allowing for any religious content required.

You will have a full service in the beautiful settings of the crematorium chapel. However, by not engaging many traditional aspects of a funeral service – such as hearses and limousines we can reduce the price significantly against a traditional funeral.

What’s Included?

What’s Not Included

**Additional Services & Fees

***Please note these additional services are only available in the counties of Norfolk & Suffolk

Payment Instructions

We are able to offer these fixed price funerals by reducing our costs; therefore, we request full payment within 48 hours of making the funeral arrangements. This can be made by debit card or BACS transfer.

Please note If for any reason the full cost is not paid in advance of the funeral, we reserve the right to increase our fees to our standard prices or to cancel the funeral arrangements.